Sunday, April 19, 2015

how to create a vintage wardrobe

    Now that the school year is about over I will be able to post more often and today I will teach you how to obtain the vintage wardrobe you have been wanting. Lets get down to the basics, What time period is most appealing to you. Personally I have stuck with the downtown abbey era because it is the era that really speaks to me. The first thing you will need to is study up on the garments worn by the individuals during the era. For example if you are going for a 1950's kind of look you would probably be aiming for bullet bras, guarder belts, circle skirts and wiggle dresses.
    I don't have a million dollars to be spending on brand name vintage clothing so I opt for the more reasonable approach and buy clothing from second hand stores, flea markets and antique stores.  Sometimes the clothing you find may not be in tip top shape and some sewing skills may come in handy. Also the clothing does not have to be a true vintage clothing item, it can just look the part.
    I especially love the hair and makeup portion of the look it just ties it all together. If you would like to do research on the particular eras hairstyles and makeup there are many websites that specialize in hair and makeup of a certain era. ( I will list some below.)

Victorian and Edwardian-
1920's - 1950's-
makeup and fashion  1900's- 1960's-


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